ATTENTION: Ecommerce Business Owners, Digital Marketing Executives, Sales & Marketing Professionals...

Learn How This Ecommerce Client Tripled Their Online Sales (to $4.75M) with These 3 Frameworks

(Without buying links, paying for Facebook Ads, or DIY SEO) 

Presented by:  Janet Bartoli

With over 16 years of deeply specialized experience in search engine optimization, Janet has built and managed many large scale SEO projects, and programs for some of the world's largest well-known brands in the automotive, Ecommerce, B2B, Consumer Retail, Telecommunications, and lots more. SEO Educator and thought leaders - Janet shares her passion for SEO with many she educates.

Here's What You'll Learn in Today's Training

You will walk away from this training thinking differently about the way you approach the BEST revenue generating digital marketing channel

  • A Simple Process ONLY the Large Brands use to drive massive increases in

    traffic and sales to their sites (and how easily you can do this too!) 

  • Find out how our clients leverage their most valuable asset

    and why you could easily be overlooking the same 

  • How to INCREASE search visibility, stop tracking keywords

    that does NOT require any link building .... at all

  • How we ONLY generate Qualified, Targeted Traffic 

    to our clients sites, and how the majority of traffic that converts to sales comes in from organic search, not paid, not social

  • The BEST way to compete with the BIG Brands

    It's really much simpler than you might think

  • Why you DON"T Need Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in your search budget

    and how you can succeed without hiring a team of experts

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